Logo Rool

is a basic principle

We dream of a responsible world with human propulsion. The bicycle and its user are at the center of our research and development.

Fabrication durable

Our products are durable

We are always looking to "do more and better with less". Fewer parts, fewer materials, less energy. More efficiency, more utility. Of the indispensable.

Our products are modifiable and scalable

Several configurations are possible from the same product with the modification of some parts.

Our trailers and solutions can therefore evolve with your needs.

They are easy to repair

The materials are of high quality and the parts are directly accessible. We use common tools to facilitate repairs and adaptations.
Modifications are all the easier since an inventory lists the technical specifications of the spare parts.

Our components are reusable

Our products are designed on the basis of standard components. Each component will therefore easily find a second life.

All parts are recyclable

The products are mechanically assembled which allows a simple disassembly during the recycling phase.
No material is permanently combined with another in order to be easily and quickly separated.