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Assembling Willy is a breeze. Follow the instructions below to guide you.

Willy assembly

Before using Willy, you simply need to assemble the trailer arm. There are two possible positions: a low position for bikes with small wheels and a high position for bikes with large wheels. These positions ensure that the trailer bed remains as horizontal as possible.


Willy Cargo assembly

1 - Wheel assembly
To assemble the wheels, start by inserting the wheel axle and securing it on both sides using the clips. Then, place the wheels on each side. To properly tighten the wheels, tighten the nuts against the wheel and then loosen them by an eighth of a turn. Make sure the wheels spin freely once tightened.

2 - Arm assembly
For the assembly of the trailer arm, two positions are possible. The low position for bikes with small wheels and the high position for large wheels. These positions allow the trailer platform to be as horizontal as possible.

Willy Light assembly

Only one step is required: assembling the arm. Insert the arm into the frame tube, ensuring the elbow faces outward. Then, pass the two screws through the frame and the arm, and tighten firmly using the nuts to complete the assembly.

Willy's ready to rool!