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Our custom services

We offer customized solutions to transport, work, exchange and educate by bike. As a design office and manufacturer, we can take care of the development of your project from A to Z.


Design office

Upstream of the project, ROOL puts itself in the place of the professional. A study phase allows to understand the logistics, the needs and the constraints of the customer. Scenes of use are organized to test the uses of the tool. The development of the product is evolutionary, in continuous improvement, with the objective to reach a maximum effectiveness of the bicycle.

This service is aimed at companies wishing to set up a fleet of cargo bikes or equip themselves with specific trailers. All products are modeled on industry-compatible computer software, which allows an efficient dialogue between the design office and the production companies.


We have optimized a production system that guarantees local, robust and safe manufacturing. The products are designed on the basis of standard components and common tools to facilitate repairs and adaptations.

Several configurations are possible from the same product by modifying a few parts, so the systems can evolve with the needs. The materials chosen are natural, recycled and/or easily recyclable. The products are also mechanically assembled, which allows for easy disassembly during the recycling phase.


Examples of projects

Vamos – Mezcal Bar

All the logistics of a bar on a bike

Fietsbieb – Work trailer

A large capacity workshop trailer

Cyclo – Work bike

A workshop mounted on a cargo bike

Large meeting table on cargo bike

Bravvo Kiosk – Meeting trailer

An exchange table on a trailer

Savonnerie Bruxelloise – trailer

Transport and delivery trailer

Kiosque à graines – Meeting bike

An urban vegetable garden on a cargo bike