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An extra small trailer for an XL load

The Belgium made Willy Trailer is the universal cycling solution for transporting goods. No need to use your car, Willy can be driven everywhere, from the shop to the house.

Willy une remorque vélo belge

An extra small trailer for an XL load

Willy une remorque belge

The Belgium made Willy Trailer is the universal cycling solution for transporting goods. No need to use your car, Willy can be driven everywhere, from the shop to the house.

Price: €690
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Where the bike goes, so does the trailer!

No need to be concerned, Willy is the most compact bike trailer on the market. The width of the trailer does not exceed the width of the bicycle.

Une remorque vélo compacte

A folding trailer

Willy has a steel arm made out of one piece. Its articulation allows three positions, which are essential for everyday use. On foot, the trailer becomes a trolley. It follows you everywhere, from the shop to the house. Its ultra-stable foot makes loading easy. When folded, it is easy to carry and store.


It folds with a simple click

Changing the position of the trailer is easy. Simply release the arm and the trailer will change position in one click.

A trailer that takes care of everything

Willy can carry bigger

Willy can easily carry your bulky objects thanks to its panoramic platform positioned above its wheels. He’s tough! Its small, sturdy wheels offer a lower centre of gravity for better stability.

Willy, une remorque vélo qui se plie
La remorque vélo Willy porte plus grand qu'elle

It's the family's best friend

Shopping with the kids after school or transporting professional equipment on your way to drop them off, it's possible thanks to Willy. He takes care of everything, except the children!


Willy walks the dog

Une remorque vélo qui transporte le chien

An ultra-compact trailer

Willy is slim

When folded, the trailer is super small. In a corridor, positioned alongside the bike, it does not take up any extra space.

Willy, une remorque vélo qui se plie
Willy, une remorque vélo qui se plie

Willy is aware of his environment

The Willy trailer does not obstruct sidewalks and pedestrian crossings. Its articulated arm allows the trailer to be folded and make public space safer.

La remorque vélo Willy est escamotable. Elle se rabat pour ne pas empiéter sur l'espace public

Willy can be attached quickly

Thanks to the Thule attachment, the Willy trailer fits most bikes: cargo bikes, electric bikes and exercise bikes. Willy is easy to share thanks to this light and user-friendly system.

Willy is tough

Designed to last

The Willy trailer is made in Belgium and is designed to last. All parts are made in stainless steel except for the platform which is made out of powder coated steel. All adaptations or repairs can be made using standard tools. A force of nature that promises a long life.

Une remorque vélo durable belge

Lock and ride

The trailer can be easily secured by putting a lock between the bike and the trailer.

Une remorque vélo rassurante

Optimal visibility

A row of reflectors improves the visibility of the trailer. A safety flag can easily be positioned at the rear of the trailer.

Une remorque vélo sécurisée grâce à une rangée de catadioptres

Willy is clever

It holds the boxes

Eight anti-slip blockers are supplied with the Willy trailer. They are removable, so you can place them on the trailer platform as you like.

La remorque se rabat sur le vélo

It's a good little hand truck

On foot, the trailer becomes a hand truck thanks to a steel safety plate. This practical part allows you to carry heavy loads comfortably on foot. The removable accessory is an option.

A pied la remorque vélo devient diable

It carries its own straps

You never have to take them off and put them away. The elastic straps "Shoulder straps" and "Belt straps" can be adjusted to the size of your load. Find them in the accessories.

Sangles de remorque vélo

Willy offers you freedom!

The trailer is like a trunk plugged to your bike. Willy is easy to detach and store. When you don't need it, ride light with your favorite bike!


Quelles sont les caractéristiques de Willy?

Châssis en acier 2 mm / Finition thermolaqué noir
Poids total: 8.24 kg
Charge utile: 45 kg
Dimensions du plateau: 61.4 x 41.4 cm
Hauteur du plateau par rapport au sol: 20.7 cm
Largeur position remorque (bras inclus): 67.5 cm
Largeur position remorque (bras non inclus) : 55 cm
Dimension repliée : 75.5 x 67.5 x 25.5 cm (LxWxH)
Roues : 8 » pneumatiques 200x50mm sécurisées par des écrous nylstop
Jantes: aluminium démontable pour faciliter le remplacement des chambres à air ou pneus
Bras/pied : 3 positions (remorque, chariot et replié)
Réflecteur arrière
Visserie entièrement en acier inoxydable

Download the technical sheet


What are the characteristics of Willy?

Total weight: 8.24 kg
Payload: 45 kg
Loading area: 61.4 x 41.4 cm
Height of the platform from the ground: 20.7 cm
Width in trailer position (including arm): 67.5 cm
Width in trailer position (arm not included): 55 cm
Folded dimensions: 75.5 x 67.5 x 25.5 cm (LxWxH)
Wheels: pneumatic 200x50mm secured with nylstop nuts
Rims: removable aluminum rims for easy replacement of tubes or tyres
Arms/foot: 3 positions (trailer, trolley and folded)
Safety: rear reflector
Frame: 2 mm steel, black powder coated finish
Screws, bolt and accessories: stainless steel

Download the technical sheet

Where can I buy Willy?

We sell Willy directly on this website or through our partners. See the list of retailers

What is the delivery time of Willy?

Si Willy est en stock, nous vous l’expédions dès la reception de votre paiement. Les délais vont dépendre du transporteur. Comptez en moyenne une bonne semaine.

Où trouver des bacs pour Willy?

Coffre sécurisé en aluminium

Référence compatible: 40861 / 40877
Dimensions intérieur: 550×350 mm
Hauteur: 220 ou 310 mm

→ D’autres références sont certainement compatibles mais il faut vérifier.

Boite avec ou sans couvercle en plastique
Nombreuses options disponibles

Dimensions compatible: 60×40 cm

Bacs gris: Bac Euro
Bacs noirs: Bac ESD
Bacs pliables gris: Boxes pliables
Bacs pliables noirs: Boxes pliables ESD

How many kilos can Willy take?

As we work with the Thule attachment system we can only advise you to follow their instructions. Thule recommends a maximum payload of 45 kilos.

Is the Thule attachment included?

The Willy trailer comes with an attachment cup. It is fitted to your bike at the rear axle. In Willy sharing scenarios, it is most convenient to purchase additional cups. You can find these on the Thule website , for example.

Why does the Willy trailer attach to the rear axle of the wheel?

The Willy trailer is attached to the wheel so that it does not encroach on the luggage rack or any of the bike's loading area.

How do I install the Thule attachment on my bike?

It is not very complicated. The cup attaches to the rear wheel axle of your bike. If your axle is not standard, you will need an adapter. More info

How do I attach Willy to my bike?

A short video shows you how simple and secure the system is!