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Meeting point bike

A large meeting and exchange table deployed on a cargo bike. A soft mobility solution to install your project in the public space.

Meeting point bike

A multipurpose mobile table

Participation table, co-creation space, exchange and communication center, board game table, radio station, itinerant workshop, exhibition table, awareness-raising space: a mobile table for all projects.

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A bike for everywhere

The Meeting Point Table can be easily moved anywhere in the city, including pedestrian areas, parks, squares, galleries or exhibition halls.


Assembled in 10 minutes!

Light, practical and ecological, the cargo bike is easy to ride. The driver deploys the table and accessories in just 10 minutes


A friendly space

The table is designed to welcome all audiences. Spectacular, it arouses curiosity and encourages informal encounters.

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All your equipment on board

Chairs, projection screen, high brightness projector, bluetooth speakers, 4G mobile modem/router, stainless steel thermos and cups, gaming equipment: Take what you want on board!

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An eco-built module

Designed in Belgium, the furniture is easily repairable, scalable and recyclable.

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Technical specifications


• Urban Arrow
• Dimension of the closed bike: 354x120x100cm (Lgxlgxh)
• Bike weight: 280kg
• Closed it is a compact bike, no element is protruding, which favors the maneuverability, visibility and safety of the cyclist.


The bike is equipped with a dual Bosch 500Wh battery which gives it an autotomy of 51km.
(Calculation made on the Bosche autonomy assistant )


The module is made of aluminum which offers resistance and lightness. The table is made of PEFC certified multiplex to give it a warm character.


• Smooth exterior surfaces for easy cleaning.
• The structure covers the wheels. It plays the role of mudguard.
• The floor of the rear space is perforated to let the dirt brought by the chairs through.


• The module is available in a wide range of colors.
• Its design offers large communication surfaces.


• Table for 10 people
• Dimension de la table fermée: 240 x 120cm (Lgxlg)
• Dimension de la table ouverte: 240 x 200cm (Lgxlg)
• Free space under the table for legs: 40 cm
• Height of the worktop: 70 cm


The module is divided into two distinct storage spaces: a waterproof and secure trunk in the front and a versatile and airy space in the back.
Du matériel supplémentaire peut être transporté sur le dessus de la table et sanglé via les points d’arrimages latéraux.

Front space

The front area allows quick and easy access to the material in both the open and closed state. It locks automatically when closed. The opening is done with a key.

The trunk volume is divided into two compartments:

• A front compartment to store the awning, the cyclist's equipment and various things.
Width: 100 cm
Depth: 20 cm
Height: 45 cm

A back compartment sized to accommodate Euronorm boxes.
Width: 100cm
Depth: 60 cm
Height: 45 cm

→ Limited noise pollution
The Euronorm boxes are held firmly by elastic straps. The contents of the boxes are placed in custom-cut foam to protect the material from shocks.

Back space

Open and versatile, the back space is designed to accommodate seating and exceptional equipment. The floor is perforated to let the dirt brought by the stools pass through.

• 10 folding chairs from the Lafuma brand chosen for their lightness and ease of maintenance. The synthetic textile dries in the open air. The chairs are available in different colors.
Quickly stored and secured with an elastic strap.

• The tubes of the awning are slid horizontally into the bike. They are held in place by a rubber band.


• High quality canvas from Weather Max 65.
• Several colors available.
• The canvas is stored in a compact bag.
• The installation is designed to be done by one person.
• The shape allows the water to flow backwards.
• The 60 cm overhang of the canopy from the table in the open position provides good protection from the weather.

The options

• Chairs
• Projection screen
• High brightness projector
• Bluetooth speakers
• 4G mobile modem/router
• Stainless steel thermos and cups
• Storage boxes